01Do it yourself

We made our protection screens to fit most popular taxi cars, to separate the space in a sealed manner, and to be durable and innovative. It will take you less than 5 minutes to mount the screen, and you will be able to do it yourself. Each purchased set will be provided with the necessary mounting materials and instructions.

Look how easy it is:

02Protection from viruses, and robberies

Tight and durable screen made from strong polycarbonate will make you work without worrying about your own health and safety. Our screen reduces the risk of infections, robberies, and other unwanted situations for both passengers and drivers. The screen is easy and quick to disinfect after each ride.

03More durable, better solution

We built our protection screens to be durable and solid. It's strong enough to go through hammer hits or protect the driver from sharp objects. It provides additional protection against robberies, and viral infections. In contrast to foil solutions, it's easy to disinfect, it doesn't easily brake or tear apart.

04Maximum space while maintaining tight separation

25 years of experience in the automotive industry resulted in durable, safe, and economical solutions. We formed our protection screens to fit several taxi car models, that do not limit passengers space and enable the drivers to put their seats in any desirable position.

Protection screen plexi for taxi cars

05Passengers space isolation

Passengers will always choose the safer option, that's why Carpol's protection screen will be your advantage among competitors. Stand out with cleanliness, hygiene, and safety!

Taxi protection screen

06Summary of good experiences

For the last 25 years, Carpol has responded numerous times for the industry needs by delivering vehicle modifications suitable for all kinds of transportation businesses. We offer several conversion types, such as wheelchair accessible vehicles, isotherms, commercial vehicles, buses, or box trucks. Our innovative and personalized approach to clients, combined with our reliable and experienced crew, put us in the place of leaders in the vehicle conversions industry.

07It's not just another plexi screen

We have built our protection screens from hard and durable polycarbonate - a more durable material, and four times more expensive than regular 4mm plexiglas. Unlike the competition, our protection screens do not crack and do not brake into sharp pieces. You will want to keep it for longer!
Regular 4mm plexiglass
Carpol Protection Screen